Slide View Profile Mohamad Chabchoul is a Lebanese national, UAE-based chef. His organic talent topped by 15 years of local and international experience in the Food & Beverage industry make him one o f a kind. Currently working at the Grand Millennium Business Bay Dubai, he is the Executive Chef since the hotel opened up back in 2018.

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Chabchoul Mohamad

Slide Chabchoul
Signature Dishes
50,000 Beets Tartare Beets Tartare is a light appetizer prepared with beets, orange segments, rocket leaves, pomelo segments, romaine lettuce, red radish, and fresh thyme accompanied by a rich Tahini dressing, sour cream, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil.
Chicken Roulade stuffed with mushroom and Cheese
This Tiramisu Cheesecake recipe has lady finger cookies, creamy espresso flavored mascarpone filling, a dusting of cocoa powder on top or between the layers, and a finish of shaved chocolate. Tiramisu Cheesecake These roulades are chicken breasts that have been pounded very thin, stuffed with sauté onion slices, mushrooms, herbs, egg, parsley, breadcrumbs, Parmesan cheese, and mozzarella cheese and then rolled up, browned and baked. They are served sliced with roasted potato and garlic.
Best dishes Strawberry mousse
Caprese salad with peaches Chocolate truffle
Crab and edamame salad Freekeh and sweet potato salad
MORE Pineapple detox
Smoked salmon with glazed beets
Nutella fudge



Chef Chabchoul has won many awards throughout his career, such as:

  • The Middle East Chef Excellence Award 2021
  • The Pro Chef ME Awards for Middle Eastern Speciality Chef
  • Gold Medal (five courses gourmet) with Salon Culinary
  • Best Food & Beverage Operation Award for the Middle East and North Africa Division, and many more
  • Award Finalists Executive chef of the year 2022


Gulfood International
Culinary League


Pro Chef Award 2021
Mediterranean Chef of the year


 Award Finalists Executive chef of the year 2022


Rising chef of the year
the Middle East chef excellence award 2022


member of Chain des Rotisseur



The hustle culture that has taken over leaves us no time to shop or chop which almost makes cooking from scratch mission impossible. This is where meal kit services provided by Chef Chabchoul come in to save the day. There is a wide selection of chef-designed recipes and meal kits to suit your dietary needs and preferences. Easy-to-follow instructions, quick prep time, fresh and perfectly-portioned ingredients, and a yummy taste!


Slide For the longest time, the Middle Eastern food has been considered as delicious, yet comfort food—something that you just order in. It also became synonymous to the global audience by smoking sheesha’s and drinking. However, we really wanted to break this perception that people have about the limitations of Middle Eastern cuisine and showcase its potential to the world. Dubai, being such a metropolitan city, with people from around the world, was a perfect start to this journey created by a Lebanese Chef Consultant Mohamad Chabchoul. Media Coverage Cooking Middle-Eastern food has always been about Love for Chef Mohamad Chabchoul
Slide Chef Chabchoul’s unwillingness to give up even in the toughest of times will remain his shining badge of honour as he greets a renewed influx of customers devoted to his passion and vision. Media Coverage CHEF MOHAMAD CHABCHOUL ON THE POST-COVID F&B INDUSTRY


Prodcast Link
This podcast is a two part Ramadan special, bought to you by our partners, Gulfood -, and Meelz - For the first part, I talk to one of the most exciting and prominent Chef’s of the region! Mohamad Chabchoul started cooking at the tender age 15.With Lebaneese origins, having spent most of his adolescence in Syria, it’s not difficulty to understand that he has a rich food heritage, spending the first few years making frozen patties for ramadan. He explains that his first taste of the chef life, was actually by watching chefs with big hats and big bellies on TV, this was always during the holy month of Ramadan. During his time growing up, the Tv shows were the catalyst that helped him to write the recipes and experimenting, sometimes succeeding, sometimes not. After sometime it was his mum that encouraged him to take cooking seriously, so he then went to Damascus to study. Not easy at first, however after perseverance, the decision was made to really persue a full time career in the culinary arts. His first foray into a professional kitchen was yet be another challenge, big pots pans, and chefs, however soon enough the chef’s took him under there wing and started to show him the ropes, it was the cold kitchen that was Mohamads first love, with all of the the French techniques that really appealed to him. He then went onto to work at his first 5 star hotel, after a few years, he made the big decision to move out of Syria completely and he set his sights internationally. Dubai was the place, as he got an opportunity to go and work at IHG Intercontinental dubai Festival City - This is where the career really started for him, as an Arabic Chef, he does not professionally cooks Arabic food, but leans towards European food, as this was his passion from a young age. The opportunity arose with one of the best chefs in the world, the one and only triple Michelin starred legend - Pierre Gagnaire - Mohamad took the advice the of the gastronomic guru, the key is to keep everything simple, simplicity is the secret!Nowadays Chef Chabchoul can be found cooking in the Grand Millennium Business Bay located in Dubai - Discussing the holy month of Ramadan, the chef describes what it means, a time of reflection, a time of family, overall it is a lifestyle. The tents, the food, the Shisha, people love to try all of the small activities that happen during this time.For him, this year he has created a nostalgic “ Grandmother’s corner “ ,where the chef transports people back to their childhood giving the guest the food they used to grow up with. Pre-dominantly the mezze is Anti-pasti, all vegetarian. To see check out all the latest news and to see what Chef Chabchoul is doing, you can go to his website - Don’t forget to subscribe and give the podcast a review, we are on all podcast steaming platforms.Thank you to our partners Gulfood and Meelz, make sure to click on their links at the very top of the page.Until next time, food is memories!

Media Coverage Khaleej Times Magazine, November 12, 2020
Slide Chef Chabchoul was interviewed by Khaleej Times Magazine where he was asked about his inspiration, favorite culinary destination, and more. To him, cooking is more than just a career, it is also a passion and a hobby. He tells the magazine, ”I found cooking with my wife a great way to spend quality time with family.”
Media Coverage Khaleej Times Magazine, November 12, 2020
Slide Chef Chabchoul was interviewed by Dina Maaty on behalf of Hotel & Catering, the region’s leading source for industry knowledge, where he talked about how he became a chef, the menu at Beau Rivage Bistro, and why Smoked Salmon Pearl is his signature dish. Media Coverage Hotel & Catering Magazine, October 11, 2020 Slide According to Al-Nahar Al-Arabi, “Mohamed Chabchoul is one of the most prominent Arab chefs. A Lebanese who went to culinary school in Syria and now is in Dubai, preparing some of the finest dishes.”
In this article, Chef Chabchoul talks about his experience in the culinary scene and reveals some of the secrets of his profession, “Natural-born talent and a rich culinary experience are what make a good cook.”
Media Coverage An-Nahar Magazine, September 21, 2020
Slide listed Chef Chabchoul as one of the world’s 84 finest chefs, “from 6 continents, 31 countries, with over 50 Michelin stars, representing some of the best restaurants from Brazil to Australia who are featured on La Liste.” Media Coverage Issuu Magazine, April 12, 2020



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